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FHL Forums

Future Health Leaders forums are a part of our promise to promoting innovative ideas in health and engaging with Australia's next generation of health leaders.  These forums will be run throughout multiple sites in Australia and focus on one of six areas: Aged care, Global health, Indigenous health, Mental health, Rural health and Workforce Innovation.  The forums will be designed for a small audience of up to 150 people (depending on site) aiming to have an interactive and participative vibe so that you can be involved as much (or as little) as you like.  Each forum will boast a range of inspiring and informative keynotes as well as hosting a range of leadership workshops designed so you can go away with some new tricks for your trade.

The forums aren't all business though, with most FHL forums incorporating a social program that will allow you to let your hair down and do some serious networking (as well as pull out those dance moves you learnt way back when). 

In addition to stand-alone events, Future Health Leaders will also team up with other professional organisations to run workshops as a part of a larger, professional conference whcih will allow you to expand your networks and be a part of something a little bit different.

Upcoming Forums

For more information on past forums please check out the below forums and workshops:
2013 Forums

  • 28 August - FHL/Australasian College of Health Service Management Workshop - Succession planning in the workplace (ACHSM Conference, Canberra ACT)
  • 21 September - FHL Rural health forum - Plant the seed, harvest the potential (Orange NSW)
  • 21 October - FHL/Health Education and Training Institute Workshop (HETI Rural and Remote Congress, Port Macquarie NSW)
  • 18 November - FHL/Health Workforce Australia Workshop (HWA National Conference, Adelaide SA)