Michael 'The Sugarman' Porter


Michael 'The Sugarman' Porter

Michael 'The Sugarman' Porter - Territory Manager of South Australia, Clinical Specialist, Diabetes Care.

Mike Porter is a registered nurse and credentialed diabetes educator, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus at a young age and has been living with diabetes for most of his life. Mike is considered a leader in insulin pump therapy, commencement of insulin, prevention of diabetic complications and Indigenous health.  

Mike has worked in both the public system, private practice and lectures in diabetes management, Indigenous health and the Australian health care system. He currently works for Roche Diagnostics Australia as their diabetes clinical specialist. Mike believes that the Indigenous traditional story telling technique is the perfect way to simplify complex conditions and plays an important part in today’s health care system.

Mike will share his story about the evolvement of the sugarman and sugar monster. How he uses this technique to simplify diabetes, remove blame and empower change.   

Interests: Golf, family, diabetes and surviving.  Passion: Indigenous Health ‘close the gap’ prevention, education.


Michael is best known for his Sugarman project, which he uses to educate rural communities about diabetes. He first presented the Sugarman at a hospital in South Australia and has since presented it at events around the country in order to tackle the serious problem of diabetes in the Indigenous community. Sugarman provides diabetes education to both adults and children in a fun and interactive way.


The Sugarman takes the form of an outline of a body on a large piece of canvas, and participants carry out activities with the Sugarman in order to learn about glucose metabolism and the management of diabetes. 


Check out some photos of Michael in action!


                                                  The first sugarman built was out of Rocks                                    Michael in his Sugarman suit