about us

Future Health Leaders (FHL) is an initiative of Health Workforce Australia (HWA) established in 2011 to ensure ongoing engagement of emerging health professionals in the health reform process. HWA sees Australia’s upcoming health professionals as an invaluable source of knowledge and ideas and as such believes that their input into the health reform agenda in Australia is of the upmost importance.

FHL has created an interim Council which acts to represent the 24 eligible health disciplines and will act independently of HWA to discuss pertinent issues concerning young health professionals and students. These discussions will aim to develop possible solutions to these issues and to establish position statements and discussion papers for wider comment and dissemination. In addition to this, the Council will aim to provide advice to HWA Board and act as a standing forum to discuss a range of HWA programs and initiatives.

Further to the Council of Future Health Leaders, we have also established membership for all emerging health professionals to a Network of Emerging Professionals through this website so that all junior health professionals and students can be engaged with the processes and outcomes of the Council and provide feedback to the Council from a broader population.

Take a look around the website and see how you can become a Future Health Leader and help shape the future of Australia’s health workforce!