September 2015

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September 2015

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Welcome from the chairs

FHL Conference 2015

Meet our keynote speaker - Anne Carey  

FHL National Council Nominations 2015

The Future Health Leaders of tomorrow

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Welcome from the Chairs

Welcome to our second newsletter for 2015!

2015 has been a busy year so far and it’s just about to get busier.  It is our first full calendar year as an independent organisation and we’ve also taken on the task of organising a national conference for the end of the year. The team has put together an excellent array of speakers, and partnered with a host of exciting organisations (not to mention the social events!) to bring you “Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders”- FHL’s National Conference for 2015. The early bird registrations have closed, there’s still time to register, so sign up now!

While the committee is working hard on the conference, there are other things that are simmering under the surface. The FHL 2050 project and the online mental health short course are both due to be launched at the conference as well.

So, what’s in this edition of FHL e-news? Our immediate past Co-Chair Dan Mahony talks about how young people and early career health professionals can shape the health workforce for tomorrow, and we also profile International Health crusader and nurse Anne Carey, who will be a keynote speaker at our conference.

Have you heard about Healthy Agspirations? FHL has partnered with NSW Young Farmers to form an initiative that advocates for the health and wellbeing of rural Australians. If you want to get involved, come along to the Black Tie and Boots Charity Ball in Orange on October 24.

Speaking of getting involved… this is your once-in-a-year chance to join the team.  It’s council election time again and we’re looking for keen, creative, and hard-working people to nominate for council, so if you’d like to develop your leadership skills, and contribute to real change in health issues, then we’d like to hear from you.

And to finish things off we profile our 2015-17 Co-Chair – Ed Johnson.

We hope you enjoy the update. You can continue to keep in touch with us through our social media platforms and website and also email us anytime on hello@futurehealthleaders.org.au.

See you at the conference,

Emmanuel and Ed
Co-Chairs, Future Health Leaders


2015 FHL Conference, Sydney - REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN.

Conference registrations for the 2015 Future Health Leaders Conference are now open!! This year join an unprecedented number of aspiring and accomplished health professionals being challenged, inspired and informed. It’s going to be a cracker of an event and you would have caught glimpses of the development of the conference and its program through all the updates you would have received. The early bird registrations have closed but if you have been to the conference venue before, then you would know that it can host a mammoth number of people. 

Behind the scenes it’s a busy time. The conference team is making the calls, having the discussions, locking in the speakers and planning the fun. But there are other things that are simmering under the surface as well. The FHL 2050 project and the online mental health short course are both due to be launched at the conference as well.

Join us at




Head to the conference webpage for all the details and the registrations: http://conference.futurehealthleaders.org.au/

Meet our keynote Speakers

Here is just one of our fascinating speakers presenting at this years conference. To read more about our speakers and to check out the program head to the conference webpage

Anne Carey

An international inspiration tackling Ebola as a nurse on the frontline

Anne Carey is a nurse from Esperence in Western Australia. She is currently on her third assignment as a clinical nurse helping people survive Ebola near the town of Kenema and in the Kono district. Both are considered to be among the most seriously affected parts of Sierra Leone.

Anne was one of the first Australians to arrive in Sierra Leone and is one of 27 Australian Red Cross aid workers joining 6,100 local volunteers tackling Ebola in West Africa.

She has been on the front line in Africa since the outbreak of the Ebola virus, and has no regrets despite playing almost daily witness to suffering and fatality. Anne featured in a documentary on 60 Minutes revealing the horror and heartbreak of her work. She recalled the first patient she ever saw just as she had stepped inside a treatment centre, set up especially to treat Ebola patients.

‘I got dressed up in the protective suit and there was a mother with her four-week-old child, and that child as soon as I came into the centre it convulsed, so it fitted, and it proceeded to bleed from everywhere and it just bled to death,’ the nurse recalled.

When that young baby died that mother lost her seventh child.

The ‘violent and deadly virus’, which has threatened the population of West Africa, has seen already more than 23,000 people infected, with at least 10,000 known to have died from the causes of Ebola.

Anne started working with Red Cross about 10 years ago. Her previous assignments include missions to Lokichoggio on the Sudan/Kenya border, tending to war-wounded patients at the Red Cross Hospital and she was also stationed at Darfur, Sudan, in the local feeding centres.

FHL National Council Nominations 2015

Council Nominations Open September 11th 2015 

Are you passionate about health in Australia?

Are you a student or early career health professional?

Are you passionate about going the extra mile to deliver better health outcomes to all Australians?

Does the potential to contribute at a national level get your adrenaline pumping and your enthusiasm brimming?

Maybe you are reading this and thinking, 'been there, done that' or maybe you have just answered yes to some of these questions. Either way the FHL national council* maybe the place for you. Our 2016 Council Nominations are about to open. We are looking for students and early career professionals who are proactive and able to harness the above traits to work collaboratively for the organisation. We are looking for individuals from all walks of life who are willing to volunteer and commit their time, energy and resources for the next two years.

If successful, you will be working on various FHL activities and projects while picking up leadership and other career advancing skills. You will also have the unique opportunity to network with other health professionals at similar career stages from all across the country and from the full array health disciplines. These opportunities don't come knocking often and in this case only once in 2 years for some specific health disciplines. So don't put it off, apply now.

*The FHL National Council is the body that manages the activities, projects and functioning of Future Health Leaders. The members of the Council represent 23 eligible health disciplines with two co-chairs, and 5 generic positions. Council terms are for two years with half the council elected each year. For the eligibility details, council positions open for nominations this year and other information please head to the nominations page. 

The Future Health Leaders of Tomorow

Our previous Co-Chair Daniel Mahony was recently featured in the Australian Hospitals and Health Care Bulletin. His article comments on the impact early career professionals can have on shaping the workforce when their ideas and voices are encouraged.

Article courtesy of AHHA, April 10 2015

It is an exciting time being an early carrer health professional in Australia, says DaniTel Mahony. Having been an active student and new graduate, he has already seen some substantial shifts within the health system since commencing his Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2006. Daniel sares his thoughts as co-chair of Future health Leaders.

Read the full article here

Healthy Agspirations

An Agspiring Initiative - Have you heard of us?!

Healthy Agspirations is a unique initative between NSW Young Farmers and the FHL, which came about after a conversation late last year. It was soon evident that both groups were as passionate as each other about the health and well-being of our rural and remote communities and the access these people currently have to health services and facilities. To have healthy, resillient communities, we need strong, supported and committed farmers and families AND a dynamic, supported and committed rural health workforce. Healthy Agspirations is about ensuring this is rural NSW.

We have a BIG 2015 Calendar of Events (see below) with all money raised going to our partner charities:

  • Batyr - a social enterprise that focuses on preventative education in the area of young people and mental health

  • R U OK? - encourages the vision of everyone to be connected and protected from suicide and equip people to regularly ask "are you ok?"

  • Royal Far West - organisation providing health services to children living in rural and remote NSW.

Our sensational 2015 major sponsors are: 

  • Center for Rural and Remote Mental Health

  • WFI

If you'd like to donate to our charities go to the Healthy Agspiration's Everyday Hero Account, or come along to one of our many 2015 events.


Get To Know your FHL Council 

This edition we catch up with Ed Johnson, our newest FHL Co-Chair.

Nine to five: I'm a speech pathologist at a private practice in Western NSW. I mainly work on behaviour support and assistive technology with people with disabilities. I also spend some of my time as a Postgraduate Fellow at Sydney Uni, where my research is based. 

Passionate about: Learning languages, linguistics, animals, mandolin, anthropology, archaeology, psychology, the Dallas Cowboys, Pauly Shore movies - i've got a short attention span. 

What pumps me up: Opening the batting for my cricket team, and cranking the Clash on my stereo. 

Future Health Leaders to me is: A way for students and early career health professionals to be heard in a world where you don't often get to share your ideas until you've been brainwashed by "the system."

Upcoming Community Events 

If you know of any events in your area you think other FHL members may be interested in, let us know at: hello@futurehealthleaders.org.au. Here are a couple of cool ones you can get along to:


Healthy Agspirations Gala Ball



Healthy Agspirations are hosting a Boots and Black Tie Gala Ball in Orange. Kindly sponsored by the Center for Rural and Remote Mental Health and WFI to coincide with the National Field Days in Orange, NSW.

The ball will feature some sentational live music, local foods, a few mystery speakers, a live auction and will importantly be an opportunity to fund raise for our Healthy Agspirations charity partners. 

There are only 250 tickets will be available so lock in your mates TODAY! For tickets head to the facebook events page.