Past Events


As a part of FHL's Rural Health Leadership forum, we will be hosting a number of workshops.

Why is research the key for unlocking the potential for improving rural health?


Originally from Orange and Tamworth, Associate Professor Anthony Shakeshaft from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Council (NDARC), will inspire and inform up and coming clinicians and rural researchers about why rural areas need a greater emphasis on evidence based research. Anthony will utilise his 20 years of experience in research, including a recent research with a community led program from Armidale called BackTrack, to discuss the power research can have in improving rural health outcomes in the future. A must see breakout session aimed at making research in the bush 'doable' and an imperative for the next gen of rural health professionals!



Setting the agenda for the future of rural health


Future Health Leaders is committed to improving the health of Australians living in rural and remote communties.  This workshop will give you a chance to have your say about how we can start addressing the issues facing rural and remote Australians.  This session will be an outcomes-based session, focussing on devloping key outcomes for FHL to pursue.

The outcomes of this session will form the basis of a wider rural health agenda for Future Health Leaders.  These outcomes will be presented at the HETI Rural and Remote Health Congress in Port Macquarie in October.