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FHL 2050


FHL 2050 is a project designed to establish a list of 10 goals for Australia's current early career health professionals and health students to achieve by the middle of the 21st century. FHL 2050 will be launched through a video campaign through online and digital media to promote this project and provide opportunities for FHL members and other stakeholders to get involved and voice their opinion. A range of opportunities and platform will be available for individuals, groups and communities to engage with and inform these goals. 



1.       To identify issues and areas in health in Australia that need focussed efforts in order to improve health of all Australians irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, location and affluence.

2.       To raise awareness of FHL and foster a culture of inter-professional collaboration.

3.       To promote more widespread engagement on what issues are important to students and early career professionals in their respective health workforce environments.


Expected Outcomes:

The list of top ten goals that will form the basis of future work of FHL and help FHL to effectively advocate for positive changes to health in Australia.


If you are interested in piloting our online survey you can do so here. Else, check back soon for more updates