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Become an FHL council member


Council Nominations Closed for 2015

Check back in late 2016 for next round of nominations


Are you passionate about health in Australia?

Are you a student or early career health professional?

Are you driven to go the extra mile to deliver better health outcomes for all Australians?

Does the potential to contribute at a national level get your adrenaline pumping and your enthusiasm brimming?


Maybe you are reading this and thinking, 'been there, done that' or maybe you have just answered yes to some of these questions. Either way the FHL national council* maybe the place for you. Our 2016 Council Nominations are about to open. We are looking for students and early career professionals who are proactive and able harness the above traits to work collaboratively for the organisation. We are looking for individuals from all walks of life who are willing to volunteer and commit their time, energy and resources for the next two years.

If successful, you will be working on various FHL activities and projects while picking up leadership and other career advancing skills. You will also have the unique opportunity to network with other health professionals at similar career stages from all across the country and from the full array health disciplines. These opportunities don't come knocking often and in this case only once in 2 years for some specific health disciplines. 

*The FHL National Council is the body that manages the activities, projects and functioning of Future Health Leaders. The members of the Council represent 23 eligible health disciplines with two co-chairs, and 5 generic positions. Council terms are for two years with half the council elected each year. Applicants have to be members of FHL to be able to apply. Sign up here, membership is free. For other eligibility details, council positions not open for nominations this year and other information please check the guidelines manual


For 2015 we are looking for super talented folk from the following disciplines*:



Aboriginal Health Practitioner

Dietetics and Nutrition

General Member (See guidelines manual for definition)

Indigenous Representative (See guidelines manual for definition)

Medical Laboratory Science









Rural and Remote Representative (See guidelines manual for definition)


We're sure you're wondering what this involves, so we have included the fine print here for you to peruse.  Be sure to check it out to make sure you have the time to commit to this exciting group!

You can also check out our guidelines manual on how the election process works in finer detail.

Good luck!  Be sure to email hello@futurehealthleaders.org.au if you have any further questions.

*All other health disciplines are represented in the council but elected in even years.