Christopher Cliffe


Christopher Cliffe

Christopher Cliffe - President, CRANAplus; Manager Primary Health Care, Royal Flying Doctor Service Queensland


Currently living in tropical Cairns, Christopher Cliffe is an experienced leader in the field of remote health care, having worked as a remote area nurse in a variety of remote and rural communities in South Australia and the Northern Territory. Although Christopher was born and raised in rural South Australia, his work has taken him far afield. Not only has he undertaken admirable work for the Red Cross in war and disaster zones in Sudan, Abkhazia, Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka, he has also worked in the wake of large scale tragedies including the 2002 Bali bombings, the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.


Christopher Cliffe has led a variety of health care organisations, including as Nursing Director for Remote Health in the Northern Territory, and as Director of Nursing at the Leigh Creek, Lorne and Colac hospitals. Recently, he served as the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the National Centre for Quality Improvement in Indigenous Primary Health Care, and he is currently Manager of Primary Health Care for the Royal Flying Doctors Service in Queensland. He is also a Board Director, and serving President of CRANAplus. In addition to his undergraduate nursing qualification obtained at the University of South Australia, Christopher holds a Masters degree in Public Health.  Chris has recently been appointed to the NHMRC Prevention and Community Health Committee and Council of CoNNO (Coalition of National Nursing Organisations).


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